What the hell is his deal?

Men confuse me! I'm just not understanding how this guy works. I will periods of time without seeing this guy. (I've been into him for 2 years.) But, he always seems to find a way to return. I know that he likes to be alone most of the time. Also know that even though I've liked him for 2 years, I've never actually told him about it. I sometimes try to keep my distance in fear of him finding out and rejecting me. Along with him being alone a lot, he doesn't open up to many people. He recently got hooked up with internet in his home, because his mom moved back. So, I've been talking to him on Facebook a lot lately. It's been nice. every time I speak to him he goes on about how he wants to see me. But, the first time we made plans he flaked. He had forgotten he had made plans to work out with his friends. Which I'm quite aware of his bad memory. Next time we talked about seeing each other, I was suppose to get in touch with him, but I blew him off because I was a little peeved about him flaking. But apparently he flakes on everyone, not just girls guy friends aswell. So, I don't know. Last week I spoke to him online, and he really opened up to me about him being depressed and what-not. Which is something that is out of character for him to do. I told him I was coming into town at the beginning of September, He said he wants to see me and let him know when I'm in town. I don't know if I should bother. I just want some advice, do you think he's BSing me?


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  • Are you friends with benefits? Why would you keep a guy around like that for 2 years ? Are you trying to ruin all your future relationships? Why not date him, find out if you like him, if you don't, cut the strings and move on? Are you desperate or something? You're confused because you're doing things all wrong. You aren't setting boundaries for yourself. You don't have high expectations for the men, either. This is how it should work: find a guy, date him, decide if you like him , if you do, date him some more, if not, move on, don't keep contacting the guy on the side. If you got a guy on the side, how can you give your full attention to a future dating partner? What if you happen to meet prince charming who you do fall in love with, what's he going to think when you get a call from this guy who is sort of in your life and sorta not in your life? He's going to be alarmed that there is some guy calling your house. What are you going to do, lie about it ? Doesn't seem like a right thing to do both to the guys who you will date in the future or to yourself because you deserve to have an exclusive relationship with someone without the interference of some other guys. You're just cheapening yourself by doing that. And the guys who you meet, the smart ones, will pick up on the fact that you probably have extra dudes on the side. I can always tell.

    • Wow. Way to jump to conclusions buddy. No I'm not friends with benefits. I've never been in a relationship before, or had any kind of sexual relationship. I'm friends with him. I've liked him for 2 years, and I'm just too chicken to tell him how I feel.

    • well, it seems like every girl on here as a f*** buddy on the side. Sorry.

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