I'm dating my ex boyfriend again. We are official what are the do's and don'ts?

me and my boyfriend got back together. we broke up for 3 months because of insecurities jealousy fighting work commitments.

since I know eveyrthing about him taking it slow doesn't really work. and we have done everything before. he wants to take things slow.

so how do you date someone again and make it work.


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  • My observations have been that if you break up with someone, you weren't really talking and communicating with them. If you get back together, communication has to go to the top of the list. Set up dates where all there is to do is talk. Get the mindset that you're both looking for solutions that you both can accept. Aim to understand what each of you was lacking that the other wanted.

    • yeah communication has been improving. but what has been lacking is romance/ love all the fuzy stuff I miss. I was getting insecure and jealous and we were fighting cause we were working together and he was pulling back and he stopped all the romantic stuff several months later he dumped me. so I guess communication has to come first then romance right?

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    • well the thing is. I have an abnormally hi libido for a female. so well its hard. and we both have a lot of chemistry. if anything its more me pushing the sex than him. sometimes he is too tired too. and we do catch up outside the bedroom too.

    • It sounds like this is going to get in the way of you strongly communicating your relationship needs. With most guys, until they emotionally fall for you to a certain extent, you have to be pretty damn direct with them if they don't hear you the first time and they're already getting what they want.

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  • I'd say be open and honest with each other this time and also just be willing to work things out like don't get worked up if you two should not always agree like for real just listen to each other and like he already said take it slow and just from hearing him say that he wants to work at the relationship so I wish you guys the best!

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