Problems committing - help please

Im a 26 year old guy that has problems commiting. I got out of a 3 year relationship about 3 years ago and I Haven't been able to commit since. I have dated over 10 women where it has come to a point where we talk about comitment and I just can't do it. the problem I have is the more I see the girl the less I am attracted to her and want something better, I feel as if none of them are the one and there is definitely someone else out there that I believe is a better match.

Everything is fine at the beggining but then I just get really bored and want to move on. I can't figure out why I keep doing this. any feedback would be appreciated


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  • i think the reason is because you were with this other girl for so long when you broke up you couldn't find what you found special in her in anyone else so your thinking that no one is really good enough and that there could be better

    • you could be right, I haven't felt the same way towards anyone since then. we broke up on bad terms I wouldn't go back to her if I saw her again. It's not that a compare all women to her but I definitely don't get the same feeling I do towards women after her

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