Do you think a woman that is in her forties can date a man with roommates?

I want to know if there are women out there dating a man that actually has other men for roommates? If so did it work for you? Was it a long lasting relationship and you found yourself moving out and getting an apartment together? Or you found yourself not liking it at all and you had to move on to another relationship?

How was your experience did you have disagreements at some point about the other roommates?


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  • Depends... If they're about your age, or within a 5 years or so, should be fine. If they're in their 20s, it would just get really awkward.


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  • I think in today's economy we all have to be open to things that we might not have at one time. I know I would not be super happy living with someone that had roomies but if we had a good connection and I enjoyed his company, I would get over that. All relationships come with compromise and it seems now more than ever we really need to compromise to just make it on our own, much less with a partner.

    My fiance has a new business and cannot afford his own place. I own my house so we live at my place. I know at times this is not easy for him, he's the man, he would like to provide our home for us, especially considering he has shared custody of his children. He feels uncomfortable at times with this, but he loves me and wants to be together so he has had to work through this.

    So, consider how much enjoyment you get from your guy and how you can mitigate dealing with the roomies. As long as your guy does not let the room mates do or say anything to you that is over the line, I think it is workable. Also, keep in mind situations change even when they seem so permanent. A day may come where he won't need to room with others and you two will live together instead. Good luck!

    • I was just about to talk about the economy and certain societies where living space is at a premium such as Europe. Nevertheless, I agree with you

    • I agree with Archer, living space in these economic times is a premium, I think she should over look that.