What do you think me meant by I'm sorry ....? Is this a break up? or more of the dating game?

My guy has been ignoring me for a wk to 10 days. We have had our problems but always managed to work them out, came through the other side. We have been together for 2 years and dating long distance. As of late, I've been clingy because life stressor. He pulled back, way back to give me space.

He was not answering my telephone call, text or email the past wk. Not until I shared with him last night that I ran into a guy that wanted to date me 2 years ago. Then he immediately answered this email and said he should have connected sooner with me and was sorry.

I told him in the email I sent first "I don't know what to think not hearing from you. Shared with him that earlier that night I accidently ran into a guy that over 2 years ago wanted to date me. It was the first time I've seen this guy in over 2 years.

I said "I know you wanted us to be seeing only each other. Shortly after we started dating, this same guy, the one I ran into tonight, he kept asking me out...but I turned him away to be with you. But now, I don't even know where you are...So...I find myself alone here. Alone, and it's not what I have in mind, to be alone. I just don't know...what is going on."

Like I said, he emailed me immediately. It was like wow! He made an apology and said I should have connected sooner. But then he followed it up with a bizarre sentence " I am sorry it hasn't worked out for us." and then for me to take care...and then he signed it with his initial.

In the past when he's done this, he would sign off with his initial to me as an endearment~meaning I'm here and love you. So that is what confused me to see his bizarre sentence and then the endearment of his initial. It feels like we are playing a cat/mouse thing that happens sometime in the relationship scenario.

I thought his immediate reaction was because I mentioned the other guy, that probably made him perk up. It actually was an awesome moment for me to see him react that quickly with his email, which he sent to me late, late that night (after midnight)!

I haven't emailed him back or anything today. He's done this in the past, especially where he's seen other guys involved or making advances towards me. I just let it go, cause I don't know what to say or think. We are in love. And unfortunately, sometimes I see how couples can play a cat/mouse game.

I had been making myself so available to him, to available lately. So I think when I mentioned the guy, his immediate response spoke volumes.

What do you think he meant by saying "I'm sorry it hasn't worked out for us" That he wants it too, or doesn't?

We recently talked about our future, he wants a future. Yet I am in such transition work wise he is slowing things down. Believe it or not, his signing the email w/his initial, I felt like I can read right through his mind or bluff.

Break-up? Dating game? Should I respond, give him the silence back now? Help?

Should I ask him if he is breaking up with me?


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  • I think you should ask him what you and him are now. I think yo ushould tell him if he doesn't want to be you all he ahs to do is tell you. I think long distance relationships are tough. Communication is key in keeping the relationship together. I think you tried hard to keep ths together. 2 years is a long time for a long distance and I could imagine how lonely it can be with out the other person being their. I agree he is playing cat and mouse and talks when he wants to talk and bothered. That is not fair to you. Why shoudl you do all the work to keep things together. It should be 50/50. I hope you and him can work things out.


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  • Yikes, This was a Break-up :(