I have a dinner date with someone I met a year ago...

Met this guy at a church function a year ago, chatted and found him mildly annoying. Out of the blue he phones me, asks me to dinner and being the nice person I am, I said yes (Why do I always have to be nice?). I already know from the 50 minutes he kept me on the phone that I do not want a second date. He is separated and that alone turns me off - I'm divorced and do not believe in dating married men. He already has us as a couple and is talking about cooking breakfast - HELP! How do I put a stop to this? I don't want to hurt him, but he never shuts up and is always putting down his ex. I tried to change the subject, but then he just went on about all his medical problems. I'm only 53 and he's around 59 I'm guessing. I have not dated since my ex and I split six years ago so I'm out of practice. What do I tell him?

I went to dinner with J. He was friendly and definitely made an effort to look nice, but committed the number one dating sin - he moaned incessantly about his wife (it was the longest meal of my life!). After dinner I insisted on leaving the tip and while he paid the bill, I silently rehearsed my spiel. I thanked him for a lovely meal and told him I don`t feel comfortable dating someone who is still married and who does not want divorce. Despite his objections, I stood my ground. Glad I did.


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  • That you just want to be friends.

    • To be honest, I don't even want to be friends with him... I think he has the potential to be clingy and distrustful. He says some nasty things about his estranged wife. I've more or less decided that I will thank him nicely for the meal, but tell him I don't feel comfortable dating someone who is still legally married. I foolishly accepted the offer of dinner before asking if he was now divorced... We also don't have much in common - I'm very active, he's not. Live and learn I suppose.

    • Maybe he has a lot of anger built up,and his wife is the cause of it,maybe he comes to you so he could vent out that anger,And it isn't hard to say no,and if he asks why just say "I don't Want to"

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