To Call Or Not To Call

Hi guys,

I was supposed to meet my boyfriend of 5months last evening, he kept me waiting for over an hour. When I called him, he didn't take my call. So I decided to leave and went to meet my pals. After around 40 minutes, he called and said he was where we were supposed to meet. So I told him I had left. He was with his best friend.

He later started sending me texts telling me that I was cheating on him. I replied telling him that I loved him and wouldn't cheat.

So now he won't to talk to me. I haven't apologised.

Should I call him?

What should I do?

what the f*** was I thinking? I waited too long to dump the loser


Most Helpful Girl

  • Um, what are you apologizing for? You didn't do anything wrong. Don't wait around on him, that's bull shit. He should have at least called and told you he was going to be late. And then he EXPECTS you to still be there after an hour and 40 min? That is a little arrogant of him for one thing. And then to assume you're cheating because you didn't wait around for him? He sounds like a total ass hole and a waste of your time.


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  • Honestly, this is completely and totally his mistake.

    1. It was wrong of him to bring a friend on a date with you

    2. It was wrong of him to keep you waiting like that

    3. It was wrong of him to accuse you of cheating without evidence

    Thats three strikes. He's out.


What Girls Said 1

  • This is rediculous. I would probably call him and give it one last try by saying, "Look I am not cheating on you, You kept me waiting for over an hour and I got tired of waiting. I even tried to call you. I don't appreciate you calling me a cheater. The fact that you did so says one of two things; you have a guilty conscious or you are insecure. So which is it?"

    Essentially, if this guy is acting this way after 5 months it's a little weird. I would attempt one last try and if he still thinks you are cheating I would leave the relationship. Why be with a guy who doesn't trust you anyhow? Trust is essential in having a healthy relationship.