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Tips for kissing? I had my first one a few weeks ago and I know for a fact that it had to have been bad. My breath doesn't stink or anything, I brush my teeth everyday, I just lack the actual experience and want to make it better for her. And when does it become acceptable to use tongue? A lot of my friends told me I should have tried to tongue her, but I don't want to move that fast on her...


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  • you should leave it to simpple kisses for a while then gradually use the toungee. talk to her about it. ask her what she thinks. just go with the flow. don't make it awkward. ;P


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  • I know this is a relatively old question but I just saw one of the best kisses ever and thought of all the GAG kissing questions.

    Here's the link, skip to 12:17 in the movie clip.

  • when your ready to use tongue and you don't know if other person is ready, you should run your tongue along the others persons bottom lip and then if they are ready to grant you access then they will open their mouth for ya and bam lol

    • Well now that I know that, ill be sure to try it later. It just seemed really soon for a first kiss to be playing tonsil hockey that night...

    • i know whatcha mean but that's why you wait til your ready but for a first kiss just kiss her on the lips and then it'll show her you respect her and don't want to rush into things but take them at a steady pace. I don't know if that helps but... goodluck.

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