He can't support me. What to do in this situation?

i got a job interview on Monday and all my husband can say is apply at Macy's and I'm upset because he can't support me and my job interview is at six flags magic mountain and he says its 3 hours away from where we live but I looked it up and it said it would take 1 hour and a half in traffic to get there and I don't see what's the problem. shouldn't he be proud of me at least trying. what exactly is his problem? honest answers please.


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  • there may be more to it. is he afraid of losing you? maybe he isn't so keen on

    you going to work where there are several young guys around. in his mind it might get to him that there are hot guys all around and you may find something better. that's just from my experience in dating a guy a while ago..or maybe he thinks its just too far away and will cause a lot of stress. not too sure. just talk to him about it. COMMUNICATION! that's all you need sweetie! good luck. and best wishes! xxxxxx