What does she mean by we need to hang out?

so I met this girl in class about a year and a half ago but we were only acquaintances and barely even talked, no I have here in a class again and we are lab partners, but we talk literally all the time now, she just said "we need to hang out, you make me laugh all the time, I love it!" so I assume it more but I just can't tell lol

any thoughts?

usually I don't have this problem but I just can't tell if this girl is flirty, or she has an interest, I'm all confused
found out she doesn't date but I was the one guy who was able to get her to, she's now my girlfriend, eventually in the near future, a year or so we plan to be husband and wife!


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  • It sounds like she doesn't like you yet, but that she's really interested. Be cute and stay classy and maybe she'll go out with you. c:


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  • That's definitely a sign she likes you. Just sayin' ;D

  • She might like you


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