How to go from friends to dating?

I met this awesome guy at college and we seemed to hit it off well when we first met. We were pretty flirty right at first but as we kept getting to know each other that sort of died down. I really like him and have taken chances to hang out with him. I also tested breaking the touch barrier and he didn't get uncomfortable or move away, but he may just be confortable as friends. We have known each other for almost 3 weeks now and the closest we got was when I stayed the night in his bed after reading scary stories until late that night. We didn't do anything sexual, we Haven't held hands or kissed yet. We do hug when we see each other and today he finally gave me a hug with both arms instead of one of those one armed hugs that don't feel as good. Any help in smoothly and not awkwardly moving towards dating him would be very much appreciated!

So he has started initiating hugs after me being the one to always initiate for a while. He doesn't move away no matter how I brush against him "accidentally" :) I haven't had the chance to touch his hand or tell him how I feel yet. I'm working up the courage to tell him how I feel pretty soon, I just hope he feels the same way and has time for a girlfriend. His schedule is pretty booked but then again his roommate has a super busy schedule and he has a girlfriend


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  • i bet he also feels the same and is inhibited/nervous to make it more than friends. That's why you guys were flirty at first and now it died down a bit. See many female male "friends" have this problem; they have a friendship but like each other, and they won't make a move or anything cause of their friendship and then end up hanging out together in this awkward way where everyone but them can see they want each other.

    • Yeah I had some frends trying to play matchmaker for a few days. They went between us, mainly talking to him about me. I didn't know they were doing this until they asked me about why I was acting the way I did in one situation :P I'm thinking of next chance possible staying in physical contact longer. Like restin my hand on his accidentally and keeping it there if he responds well. He teases me too so in getting good vibes. I just usually am rejected by guys and have never had a boyfriend before

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    • well the main thing that holds you back when you don't have experience is just your head making you overworry. once you get over it you realize its not so bad.. so think about that and it might help you some. Its all just fears!

    • So I tried the eyes thing and it seems to be good, but I haven't web able to make more of a move on him physically. He is almost always on his laptop or at his desk when we hang out in groups at the dorms so I can't try to cuddle under his arm or hold his hand. I don't want to really annoy him or seem clingy because if I did those things if would make it so he couldn't play the games on the computer :( I really want to make a move but I'm stuck and lost for ideas. Any help?

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