I have an active social life, but I'm not pretty enough to date a guy with good social skills?

To cut to the chase: My social value is higher than my value to men. The problem is, dating guys who are socially awkward is really difficult, because I want whoever I date to get along with my friends and enjoy spending time out as much as spending time at home. It seems like most of the guys who want to date me have awful social skills -- they either sit quietly and demand I babysit them all night, or they get strangely aggressive and confrontational.

I'm not incredibly ugly, but the guys with good social skills get the "hot chicks" because of this very reason. What should I do?


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  • What should I do?


    1. Get a makeover

    Since you're old your value is also less even if you were attractive hot young girl > hot old woman

    2. Teach the socially awkward guys social skills

    3. Date younger guys with social skills though don't expect long term relationships or marriage


    • ...you forgot the most obvious! Date guys who are 10+ years older than me that used to be "cool guys." :S

    • .you forgot the most obvious!

      ^ lol I didn't forgot I just think that's a last resort option

    • Same here!

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  • It's because you are going too fast with him.

    When a guy meets a girl he doesn't want to get to know all of your friends right away, he wants to get to know YOU. If he barely knows you and then all of the sudden he is exposed to a group of a half a dozen girls "being themselves" he obviously will be shy about his presentation. You can't do that to guys otherwise they will do exactly what you said -- sit there quietly and have you babysit them as to what to say and do next. It's not even fair to him, imagine having guys do that to you.

    If the solution has never been look at yourself, how is it that you expect to find it anywhere else.

    • Guys do that to girls all the time. Guys just get points for having good social skills and girls don't...so an average looking girl dates a guy with crappy social skills, where the average looking guy with good social skills dates a "hot" girl...

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  • You will fine this guy!

  • I think you should change your whole perspective of men, love, relationships, having an ideal image,...

    Follow your heart, not people's expectations and standards.

    • It's not other people's standards ... it's my own! Ha, ha.

    • Ok then, wait for the ideal guy to come along.

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