How do you know if a guy is serious or not?

a lot of girls get really insecure when they first start dating a guy. they don't know whether a guy is serious about them or not. My question is how do we know whether your serious about us or just out for the short term fling which only last for a few moths. what kind of things do guys do that can indicate that they are not serious and we should run the other way.

what if they are all nice and sweet is their still away of figuring things out if they are serious or not. lol

thanks :)


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  • Honest to god, do not hide a damn thing from them, and they will either stay because they want to be with you, or go the other way because they don't want to deal with you're "emotions"

    I started telling my bfs, hey you won't want to be with me in a couple months because I'm a bitch, this stuff upsets me, we'll see what happens. And sure enough, my current boyfriend told me he'd prove it to me in time (course I didn't believe him) and now we've been together for 2 years.

    They won't send out signals, they're trying to get with you, instead of being mature men and being like, hey this wouldn't work so lets not bother, they will manipulate you any way they have to so that your stuck with them for a while. So instead of looking at first, you can weed them out.

    This one guy thought I was pretty blah blah and as soon as I told him some of my quirks, he stopped talking to me (I had my boyfriend anyway lol) and I sat there and was like, yeah that's what I thought. Watch out for those sweet talkers though, they're f***ed in the head.

  • You don't.

    You get to know him instead of trying to figure it out right away. If it lasts a few months, then you know it has lasted a few months. There are no money-back guarantees to dating...