We hang out in the same group of friends. So this kid...

sooo there's this kid I like anddd he is super cute and we hang out in the same group of friends and stuff and I was in my friend Paul's car and he was in our other friends car parked at a stop light. And he was talking to Paul then looked at me and didn't really recognize me . So he was all "who's in the back seat : ]" and they said oh it's Jordan and Paul was all "roll down the window." and when he saw me he said oh heyy : ] and waved

what does that mean and what should I do ?


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  • I saw your pic, you're cute, go for it, he probably wants you.

    You should try to get around him and look for other clues to see if he likes you. Once your investigative work is done start flirting with him hard and hopefully he's not so much of a douche bag that he won't make a move.


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  • That's just a friendly "hello" . It doesn't mean anything, maybe only that he's nice and that's all, it's not like he winked or said anything special , it's just "hey" and that's it.

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