I think I just set myself up to fail with dating, advice?

I will start off my saying I haven't asked a girl out in 6 years and before that it was 3rd grade (lol). I have been told I have kind of high standards for a guy. My friend told me he finds 1/3 of girls dateable I only find about 1/30 that I would be willing to date. Besides that I have only had one relationship before (the girl asked). We never got really serious but she ended up screwing me over. Now I can't seem to even say more than two words to women. Worse yet when ever a girl seems like she is interested in me I stop myself from saying or showing any signs of interest. I don't really know what I should do, or how this is fixable?


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  • Just go with the flow and be yourself, there's nothing to worry about, ull find her eventually.