Is dating Freshmen weird?

Im a senior, and I just turned 17. Is it weird or normal to date freshman, and what's your opinion?


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  • Think about it this way:

    How wrong does a 12 year old with a 17 year old sound?


    How wrong does a 28 year old with a 33 year old sound?

    EVERYTHING more than a year in age difference when you're a teenage sounds wrong. It's your biggest time of growth and influence and such. If I were you, I would be very careful about age and what you do in your relationship. Until you and your love interest are both in your twenties everything will sound wrong. Heck even 15 and 17 sounds not too great.

    Teen years are the hardest to date because the ages sound so terrible. So no, you're not wrong to liking freshmen so long as it's not because they look young, or they're innocent sexually or any of that pedo sh*t.

    If you just happen to like them because they tend to be nice, good people, not yet snobby and preppy yet then that's fine. Like I said, it'll just sound gross until you're both in your twenties.


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  • i'm from england.. how old is freshman?

  • I doubt her parents would be OK with that. I know my parents wouldn't be at all


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  • its pretty lame

    • Thats what I'm thinking, but senior girls are bitchy, and there is a cute junior I know

    • well a junior is not a freshman. when your in college its OK to date freshman, they are not little girls then