Why should a guy chase a girl?

I'm sure this question has been asked before in one way or another. I think it's common knowledge that people believe a number of girls expect guys to chase them. In my experience and from what I've seen or heard, some girls expect you to call them and/or message them again and again, even though sometimes nothing significant has happened. Personally if a girl flirts with me, and then another guy, I'll assume she is just after some attention and I won't take her seriously. Or I'll assume that's how she is and won't take much notice of her again in a romantic way. If a girl can't respond to my calls or messages I won't bother trying again. If I know her reasonably well, I'll try 1 or 2 more times. Part of the reason I'm like this is because all I know about the girl is what she looks like, and that we can communicate to each other. These two points don't mean that much to me because I learnt a while ago that good looks doesn't equal good person, and I can communicate with a number of people, even though I'm not looking for a relationship with all them. Therefore I need more than just looks and conversation to make an effort.

Getting back to the question I want to split it in to 2 parts.

1) Why should a guy chase if he doesn't know you that well?

2) How is a guy supposed to know you want to be chased? Because guys aren't mind readers.


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  • 1. Guys shouldn't do it because they feel they should but because they view we as a worthy prize. Also if he doesn't know me well why would I bother replying? So it's not "chasing" but actually more becasue he hasn't proved his worth to me.

    2. You wouldn't know would you? That's the thing. If she plays games with you you can usually tell she's the sort. Appears interested one minute and disinterested the next, back and forth.

    • Can you expand on the first point you made? Did you mean you wouldn't bother replying if you don't think he knows you that well? Because I've always had the impression that you talk and/or see each other to find out if it's worth seeing them again.

    • Oh sure, sorry about my grammar too. On my phone while baking a cake haha. Uhm basically he would have to prove himself within our first meeting to make an impression on me. If girls get a lot of attention from men you have to make yourself stand out or at least memorable. This is slightly off topic but you have to have a good balance of interest as well but also without appearing too eager. Tricky :)

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  • Girls like it when guys take charge, and you just have to follow your heart (super cheezy, but I couldn't think of anything better)..."do you like her?" if the answer is yes, then pursue her

  • Such a good good question!For part one I think if you like a girl you should always call and ask fora date to see where it goes and get to know the girl.Remember most girls are too shy to text first

    As for the second part I think if she has been flirting with you she is interested


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