I have a long complicated problem with my semi-boyfriend and would be really grateful for any advice!!!

So, I work at a restaurant and since I started in may a guy, andy, has been flirting with me.at the begining I wasn't interested in him like like, and I was sort involved with someone. but he kept pushing it "lets go out, I want you to be MY girl, I wanna go on a nice romantic dinner with u..." and I thought he was just messing around...but somewhere down the line I fell for him. Well it turned out he is married, but its not a real in love marriage, he got into some trouble and this was the solution to that and as soon as the purpose is accomplished the marriage will end. In March I think.anyway at the begining we went out a lot but almost always with friends, but for more than a month now we havnt done anything. Again though his family was visiting from his home country and he needed to spend some time with them.( we both work about 12 hours 6 days a week) multiple times he said he's so sorry he's putting me through this bla bla he feels so bad..and stupidly I said I do understand and I can deal with all the complicated sh*t for now. And if I knew we were going somewhere I would be fine but he almost never respends to my texts anymore almost never calls me..and for a few days he's alll over me saying stuff like I'm 1 good thing that's happened to him in a long time..and lets go away togehter..lets start classes together...but then he will turn cold for no reason and almost completely ignore me..or just treat me like a friend like anyone else..again, he's the one that started calling us "together" not me..just like he's the one who push it so much..and I hate that I have because I think I'm going to get hurt. Does anyone have an opinion on him? like is he just playing? I have asked him is he serious about me or just playing and he always answers like "omg you know for a smart girl you ask some dumb questions" or something like that..o I have not slept with him.. Guys, do you think he's telling the truth and its really just his current situation? or is it just an ego thing for him to know I care so much about him? I know this is long but someone please help!


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  • Hm, I'm afraid you won't like my opinion about this, but don't get involved with married men, wait until he's divorced (not until he asks for a divorce but until the papers are signed and it's final). Because he can tell you all he wants while he's staying with his wife.

    So what I think, the best thing you can do is be friends and enjoy each others company until the divorce is final, and then you can start dating him, then you can have a chance at a nice future together.

    But I know magazines are full of stories about women who wait for a married guy and end up hurt, and he's not worth it if he's acting this way.