When it comes to Online Dating, what kind of messages should you send and not send to girls in hoping to get a

response? Yes I know that when it comes to online dating, girls, women are far more pickier online than they are in real life, because they are receiving messages from left to right, hundreds everyday or everyweek, so basically what is it that make's a guy's profile attractive to a girl, woman?

girls, women, seem to have the advantage in online dating, their profile description does not mean much to guys, but a guy's profile description is far more important


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  • When it comes to online dating, let the women approach you. There is absolutely NO way that you can distinguish yourself among the hundreds of messages they get. You have to realize they don't read most of them anyway.


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  • Your picture means a lot. A girl isn't going to read 500 messages in the order they come. She's going to see the pictures and work her way down.