Do I have a date? or just a trip to the cinema with a friend?

OK so I got in touch with a very old friend of mine about 2 weeks ago, I just broke up with my boyfriend last week! And now my friend has asked me to the cinema this Wednesday! I don't know whether its a date and he likes me or he's just being friendly? He has text me everyday since I got in touch with him, he hasn't really said anything to me that would imply that he likes me as more than a friend, however we have never in all of the years we've known each other, gone out on our own.. its always been around friends!

I don't want to ask him, as I may make it awkward! Should I just wait until Wednesday and see how things go?



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  • Yeah I think don't think anything just let it happened, maybe he will say something on Wednesday :D

  • Boys don't go to cinema with a girl without a motive. Perhaps he's dating so many that it's just routine for him. But you're definitely trying something here and NOT going there to see a movie!


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