He said text me but he never texts me first anymore?

we've been hanging out for like 8 months, but not extremely often. so we hung out a few weeks ago before I left for college and he told me to text him and that we should video chat. but how come he hasn't done either of those things either, I've been hoping he will text me first. ?


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  • Why do men have to do all the hard work? Would be nice if women texted called initiated things for a change. Not all the time, but once or twice would be nice.


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  • If you're ALWAYS the first one then you're doing it wrong. He knows he has you tied around his little finger and he's grown comfortable knowing that you'll always text first, so he doesn't make an effort to improve anything on his end. It's always a game of cat and mouse at this point in your relationship, and you need to show him what you will and won't put up with.

    The general rule of flirting (and well into a relationship) is that the less one party shows interest the more the other party is attracted. See, it worked on you didn't it? You're thinking about him all the time.

    Try playing the I'm-too-busy/ I'm-growing-bored game a little and DON'T text him first for a while, see how that goes over. Once he realizes that you aren't texting he'll probably wonder what the deal is and ask you. Enter your chance to tell him that it bothers you that he always texts first.

    You could avoid this all and simply tell him it bothers you off the bat, but lessons are best learned through a little cognitive reinforcement.

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