What are your usual dates like?

what do you usually do on dates? what do you talk about? are silences ok? how do you keep things going?


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  • I haven't been on many dates but it usually involves food. Actually, all of my dates have involved food. Yay!

    Try to keep the conversation going. Personally I don't mind silence but I know that it makes a lot of people uncomfortable or nervous. Just relax. Ask him/her about him/herself. People like to talk about themselves. Plus you get to know him/her better and he/she will be happy that you're showing interest. Don't be creepy about it though. xD Just non-intrusive questions, like music preferences or movies. Plus then you can add in your own little bit. "Yeah I like/don't like that because... I also like...".

    Also if you're worried about talking, just go to the movies. Then there's no pressure to talk much.

    • what kinds of specific questions do you like that are deep but not too intrusive? ... like family life, hobbies, interests, etc... what else? like non-superficial stuff? how have your dates kept the conversation going? THANKS!

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    • thanks! good luck with your new guy!

    • Good luck to you too (:

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  • Fun activities, lively conversation and laughter, and they really get to know to me as a person. That's about all I can ask for.