Why do they always drop me?

OK, so I have been talking to guys and trying to find the right one. they tell me I am beautiful, gorgeous, smart, pretty, all these things and more they all tell me. We would hang out about 3 times and then all of a sudden they are acting really weird and don't want to talk to me anymore and treat me like a stranger although the day before they are telling me how much they really like me and want to get to know me. This has happened with many guys and I cannot seem to figure out what is going on with them. Why are they doing this to me?


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  • Have you ever asked? It can't hurt to say that you had a nice time the other week and were wondering why not go out again.

    • tried that but they ignore... but hopefully I found the right one because we've been together over 6 months now

    • Well, congratulations! So perhaps it was nothing whatsoever about you, but you simply hadn't found the right guy!

    • maybe :) and thank you :))

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