When to start online dating?

I was simply wondering how old I should be before trying online dating, because I'm only 19 but I'm mostly attracted to shy girls which are hard to find and actually get to speak with in public and I just finished high school and can first start at the university next year meaning that I no longer get to meet new people at school...

Do you guys think that it's still too early to start matchmaking online? :)


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  • I personally don't think so. There's no certain age limit where it says you can't do online dating except if you're not 18+. Do what you want to do and let no one stop you.

    • I would also think so myself, it's probably mostly my expectations of the women I might find online, I sort of want someone at my own age or a year or two younger, I just find it hard to imagine a lot of girls that young already doing it this way :P But I guess some women also might prefer to be able to learn who the guy is to make sure he's not some jerk or creep :P

      Thanks for your quick response :)

  • No, I don't think it's too early. I'm of the mind to have a long and detailed online dating profile. Having more details may drive down the response rate, but should increase the quality of the responses.

    It took 5 years for a profile of mine to generate a decent inquiry. And when lightning struck, it struck hard.

    • Thanks, though I hope it doesn't take that long in most cases :P

    • I would hope it doesn't generally take this long. But I'm a bit of an odd ball, so finding a gal that I actually felt a deep connection to took a while.

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