How would you feel after dating a guy for four or five months?

How would you feel after dating a guy for four or five months? Is four or five months a long time for you? He's a really nice guy but he's eight years older than you and really doesn't like going out, he prefers to stay in pretty much all of the time. Would that bother you? Or would it begin to over time? What do you want out of a relationship at 22?

Also, literally just before you he was with someone for nine years. Would you trust his feelings for you? It is possible he is still in love with her.


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  • In the dating world, regardless of age 4-5 months is a long time. The not going out part would bother me, I dated a guy 12 years older than me a year ago and he did like to go out actually he was much more sociable than me. At my age... I want a man to spend my youth with, feel pretty and sexy and loved. I'm not really after kids and marriage. The trusting his feelings part, I donĀ“t know. it depends, if he loved her and he is treating you like crap cause he lost his faith in women I suppose that that would bother me. Otherwise no.

    • Can I ask how you would feel if you ever found out that he'd been in touch with his ex the whole time you were together and in the last three months has been visiting her and has told her that he is still in love with her and wants to be with her? He isn't ready to break up with you yet though.

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    • Yes, I think that you are bit too involved and that is between your friend and her exboyfriend to solve. I do feel sorry for this twenty something girl who has no clue her boyfriend is cheating on her with his ex.

    • I'm really worried about her too. I don't know her more than to say hello to around work but I cannot bear to see her treated in this way, she has no idea. If she was a friend of mine I would definitely have said something to her. I think that concern and concern for my friend and this guy who clearly still love each other but appear to messing this up has led me to get further involved than I should. It's going to be hard watching this situation implode but I need to leave them to it. Thank you

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