Camping fling could become a relationship?

I recently went camping with my cousin her boyfriend and his friends, I found 2 of them cute, but they were brothers Tony and Ronald, she told me Tony was a player(like my ex) and Ronald had a girlfriend. I was drunk most of the time and I forgot he had a girlfriend, Tony kept trying to get at me but I didn't want to Because he was a player, so I went for his brother and we ended up hooking up, he is from peru, so he's a little controlling, he doesn't like the fact that I smoke, or party, he's 22 I'm 20. I go out every weekend and he doesn't go out much, my cousin told me that during camping he was still going out with her but broke up with her right after, and I asked him when his last girlfriend was and he said last year, I don't wanna say anything Because I dot want to get my cousin in trouble with her boyfriend. he drives to my house once a week and he takes me out, I'm starting to like him, but I hold back a lot of feelings, when he makes me mad I click on him and don't call him back and he gets mad how I don't "chase after him" but thing is I'm just traumatized from my last relationship, and I feel like he lies to me, so I am dating other guys but he is my main one. yesterday he took me to eat and we had a really deep conversation about feelings and he told me he really likes me and digs my personality and how down to earth I am, but hates that I smoke, he thinks I quit, but I haven't. we had sex once after the camping trip. he is totally hot, he has his life set, and encourages me to do the same, this is what I've been looking for, but I feel that your boyfriend should be your best friend and you should be comfortable to tell him anything, but he gets mad at me all the time I tell him one of my stores. WHAT DO I DO?

well yeahh.. I got f***ed over last year and I don't take guys seriously ever since.. but I started falling this guy ..and got kinda scared.. I really want to be with him but I don't want to scare him away I stopped smoking and don't go out much anymore.. he knows how I feel about him.. I jst don't show it much because I'm scared.
we fight a lot .. we always say were gna stop talking to each other.. we don't talk for 2 or 3 days and then we apologyze and continue talking.. I have grown intense feelings for him. I like him so much


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  • i find your story rather amusing consdering you didn't want to hook up with tony because he's a player when in reality you are the player saying you dated other guys when dating ronaldd and you initially slept with ronald when he was dating which is even crazier than hooking up with a player. you sound a little nuts(no offense). you feel he lies to when he tells you his feelings for u(so he is being honest) when you are lying in reality and not telling him you are dating other guys and being a tramp and holding back your feelings. I'm done analyzing this one I give up.

  • wow you sound like a player yourself. and psychotic.


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