Is he interested in more than just a fling?

i met a guy at a party 3 weeks ago, hooked up just made out drunkenly and he's been asking me out after that..and we finally went out got drunk ALMOST hooked up again..after that we kept going out every weekend but he started taking me out on dinners meeting my parents, we acted like we were a couple. when people ask if he's my boyfriend he says "somewhat" he calls me gorgeous baby or sweetie. we've held hands, made out in front of his friends, cuddled. I slept over his house had a good time but I'm a virgin and he says he respects that so he never has pressured me. But he hasn't texted me in two days and he's been a sweetheart when were together...does it mean that the fling is over? my parents even invited him over my house and he has introduced me to his parents. I'm confused because I've begun to like him when it was all fun for me at the start. Guys opinion?


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  • Wait a couple of days. If you don't hear anything from him, then yes I believe it's over. Next time, try to do more than making out. It's fine the first time you meet someone, but if all you're doing is making out on the 3rd date, then that gets old fast. Try to go further than that by the 3rd date. It will really move the relationship into more 'serious' mode.

    • he actually messaged me today asking what's up ha ha he lost his phone from a party and we have been doing MORE than just making out yes but less than sex even though he admitted he's wanted to put it in but he would not. I wonder if this is going somewhere serious...? we've gone out he has driven me everywhere work house dates.

    • Then I don't see what you're worried about? He probably has other girls he's interested in, its the only explanation I can give ya, he's probably playing the field and there's nothing wrong with that. The best thing you can do is either wait around for him or play the field as well. Nothing wrong with dating multiple people until you're exclusive. That's the point of dating.

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  • Doubtful it's a fling -- especially if he introduced you to his parents, etc. You should just text him and ask what's up.

    • Sorry longshot, girls just don't do that. I know it sounds like the logical thing to do, but girls simply don't think logically :)

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