A guy kissed me... How do I handle this?

OK so I need to figure out how to handle this. so the other day me and some of my friends were hanging out. one of them, Matt has a huge crush on me ( I don't like him), the other is my best girl friend (liz), and the other is one of my close guy friends j (who I have a crush on). me and liz were walking with our arms around j all day just to see the looks on people's faces which were hilarious.

at one point in the day, Matt left to go to the bathroom, and the rest of us got cup cakes. we only got two, one for me one for liz. while we are eating the frosting j asks liz, who has a boyfriend, if he can lick the frosting off her tongue, and jokingly she says yes, then he does it, and kisses her! then he also leans over and kisses me. t

he day goes on, Matt comes back, we meet another friend, and we are hanging out at our cars. j, liz and I go to get frosting for all of us to eat and Matt and the other friend go to get some car stuff. while they are gone, j and I end up making out, while liz tries to stop us, so Matt won't see it and try to kill j.

the rest of the day we hold hands, and cuddle secretly trying to keep Matt from seeing. later me and j were texting and he said he loved kissing me. the biggest problem is I know he is planning a date with another girl for later this week. that and he also made moves on my best friend. WHAT DO I DO?


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What Guys Said 1

  • wow that's awesome, you guys should all make out with each other, like have an orgy or something

    • not quit the answer I was looking for... but I'm sure j would enjoy that...

    • I think you're taking it too seriously, if you guys all like each other why not have some fun, as long as no one's feelings get hurt what's the big deal right?

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  • Wow, do you actually still like this guy!? First of all, figure out what you consider self respect, secondly think about how you feel about j and his behavior, and then figure out what you're going to do about it.

    Let's get one thing straight: J doesn't have special feelings for anyone right now if he's going around kissing different girls (sorry, that includes you). He's putting his feelers out there for anyone who's willing to give it up. And sorry to say you're probably now first on his list of "who can I go to when I get horny?", afterall you did help him live out a mini fantasy with the tongue orgy. And did you ever think maybe j sent liz a text telling her he loved kissing her too? And speaking of liz, you should probably find out if she likes j too.

    Sometimes certain types of guys take "it" wherever they can get "it" and that includes friends which is sleazy. Not only should you be questioning whether you still like this j, you should be asking yourself whether he is the type of friend that values and respects you (in my book, one that doesn't do even one of them isn't a friend at all). Please lose interest and pick someone worthy. And don't be one of those girls that date the jerk and ditch the sweet guys.

    But hey, if you're "just looking for sex" too (yeah right) then go for it. But I'm going to assume you're still a virgin, so just be sure not to delude yourself into thinking "it's just sex" because you're not a guy and it's impossible to convince your heart to think like one.

    PS if matt has made it obvious to everyone that he likes you and you don't clearly tell him that you don't like him back you're leading him on = wrong.

    • Actually I have told him many many times that I don't like him as more than a friend, and he said it was OK and eve offered to help me get a guy to go to homecoming with me...