I don't seem to have the desire to date? What to do?

I am almost completely without the drive to date, so I don't put much effort into it. What should I be looking for to make me really want to date or to trigger my desire for it?


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  • If it's not something that you want to do then why force yourself? Just live your life how you want. If an opportunity comes up down the road who knows, perhaps you will feel the desire then.

    • I'm in my late twenties ... the opportunities are going to run out very soon.

    • No... people of all ages find love and relationships. My parent's neighbor just got married and she's 50+.

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  • Just enjoy life as it is. Try and hang out with more men just so that desire to date doesn't completely fade away.

    • The only way to hang out with men is by dating them, though? If you aren't dating them or being friends with benefits with them, they aren't gonna waste their time on you?

    • I disagree. I have tons of guy friends. Just get together with a group of them and have a good time being yourself without flirting. It's not a waste of time, you'll get to see them minus the flirting.

    • I have guy friends ... but they are friends for a reason. I dont' know how to meet new men without dating them? I'm about 10 years older than you, by the way. It changes as you get older. Very confusing ... good luck getting it sorted out before you get to be old like me :)

  • the right guy will make you want to date. you just haven't found the guy that excites you yet

    • Dating isn't really about being excited, though ... Relationships are work, not fun!