How do you continue dating someone who likes you more than you like them?

How do you keep getting to know someone who gets attached way too quickly? As in, you don't know if you like them or not, but they're already getting clingy after a few dates?


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  • I know EXACTLY what you mean, and it sucks.

    It sucks because they might have potential but they're messing it up.

    It sucks because you WANT to like them more, but they're making it difficult.

    It sucks because you can't help how you FEEL, and being smothered doesn't feel good.

    Before you completely write them off and push them away I'd suggest this...

    Have an honest chat with them in order to give them a chance. Simply explain, as best as you can, that you feel attraction towards them but that you're starting to get a little freaked out because they're acting WAY too interested when you're still trying to see where things are going.

    Let them know that you want to test the waters with them by dating, but that when they smother you with compliments/emails/phone calls/text messages/gifts/attention it makes you FEEL smothered. It makes you feel responsible for returning the attention even though you're not ready to.

    Just be honest and say that you WANT to see where things might go but that they have to dial down the crazy so that you can relax a little more. So that you can get comfortable just being together on the occasional date.

    Tell them that you've experienced this same situation before and the last person scared you away before anything real could develop.

    Just let them know that you need to take things slow, that you're not willing to commit to anything more than casual dating, but that you're still excited to continue with the fun little dates you're sharing...

    Or something like that? But that's only if you're patient and you know yourself.

    ~ Robby

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