How do I get a homecoming date?

I am new in town, because I just moved here, and I go to an all girls school. I want a date to homecoming and I don't have anyway of meeting guys... HELP!


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  • yep. I know the process. (I go to an all guys school)

    generally if you go to an all girls school- you have an all guys school your school partners up with. go to that school- hang with your friends and make sure your group hangs with guys. then just pair off. its probable that the guys are just as desperate as the girls.

    and remember its homecoming- it doesn't need to be a guy you would date.


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  • Hmm... maybe you could meet a guy your age at some sort of game/hangout/through family/friends. Tell him you like hanging out with him and want to go to the dance as friends. If it's possible, maybe a friend from your old town could take you to the dance. You could also ask some of the girls you know if they have any brothers/friends/etc who'd be willing to take you as a friend. Or, if all else fails, go single and be really confident--maybe one of the girls there will have a date who is just a friend, and you'll end up having a lot of fun with him!

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