I feel I will be single forever, advice?

I think I will be single for forever because girls have no interest in me , so I'm not hurry in chase them I say forgot them I don't want girlfriend ever. I tried talk to them every time they have getting boring with me and have no interest in me. I don't believe it will right one for me in my life. It make me I don't want to approach them anymore. Am I only feel that way?

Am I ugly or what?


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  • I felt like this too. People were always like, "Just you wait, you'll fall in love, and then you'll be sorry!"

    That's a load of fudge.

    You have to put effort into finding someone. You have to decide to let yourself meet new people...and then you have to make yourself keep talking to those people until you know whether or not you like them.

    THEN when you find someone you might like, you have to put even MORE effort in to make sure to talk to them and make time to be with them.

    People are all, "Love will come." but I've decided that it WON'T come unless you make yourself easy to get to! Love is WORK. But it's FUN work, you know?

    I know it's not very rewarding, I KNOW. I was the say way for years! Just keep pushing. It's the only way!

    • I know but I'm 23 year old I never been holding hands or kissing girl in my life how long it will take me to find someone right? I get annoying when they always say love will come it will take time you just haven't find right one blah blah all are same that how I know I will be single forever that how I feel.

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    • *sigh* I don't know man. Maybe you need to work on your attitude more, rather than your body. An unhealthy attitude is WAY less attractive than an out of shape body. You can tell yourself to do that extra set or reps, right? So tell yourself to be more positive and get on a dating site.

      Talk about how much you like to work out, and you'll get messages from people who share your passion. That's all from me. Good luck!

    • Yea thanks sorry about that. But that just my prefer

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  • I feel you. We are in the same way, but about men lol. By the way I don't think either of us are ugly.

    • Yea I think maybe I approach them wrong I'm just being nice approach them I guess they interested in me so I figure it out maybe they think I'm ugly maybe I'm wrong

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    • You find her anywhere. Talk to her with respect, and be friendly.You like someone on GAG? Maybe send her a message or write on her wall.

    • No, I don't have crush on gag. I only have 2 crush in all of my life that it. Yea I will do that but I think I will leave my crush for a while because I think I bother her or maybe she is busy I guess

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  • i was just like you not that long ago. But just like that I got a date with a girl. If you are patient she will come to you.