Why have my brothers become so protective?

I have 2 older brothers, one is studying for his Master, the other in his last year of his undergraduate degree and I just started out last semester.

We all go to different Unis in the Sydney ares, my parents live in Perth. I could have gone into campus housing, but my dad said he could sleep better at night, if I was with my brothers so we now have a 4 bedroom appartment that we share with one of my oldest brothers mate.

They have never been that way, but since I'm here they have become so ridicoulously protective. i.e they want to meet every guy before I go on a date with him, they don't want me to stay over with him. They insist on picking me up if I have to get home at night, instead of letting me go home with my friends.My oldest bro said that I shouldn't run around in pjs when his friends are around, because they are 'too short' (shorts and tank top) while they run around only in boxers all the time when my friends are over.

They've never been like that, I don't understand what changed. I'm not a little girl anymore and it's not like I was making a p*rno, I'm just dating.

This is so annoying, I don't know what to do or say?


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  • One one hand, they may be a bit over-protective, yes, and you need to set some boundries with them.

    On the other hand, they know what's going on, probably a lot better than you do, and they really are trying to look out for you. In the college environment, it's EASY to do some really DUMB things that you will severely regret and can have seriously bad consequences. They know this, and are doing their best to keep that from happening. Respect that, and let them know that you do.

    What you need to do is have a talk with them, and strike a balance. Get them to back off a bit, but at the same time, follow their advice and accept their protection. As you get more experience, they should back off a bit more, little by little.


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  • Simply tell them to back off, they're being too intrusive and you do not appreciate it. They'll be your first call if you need help.


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  • thats what brothers are supposed to do