Girl with boyfriend talking to me a lot, does she like me again?

About a year and a half ago her & I had a small fling, lasted maybe a month. She then got a boyfriend (currently still with him) and we lost contact (no contact at all). Then I see her for a little bit 2 weekends ago while on vacation and we catch up some. Last week at like 11 at night I got a text from her saying it was good to see me again and then this led into a conversation til about 3am. From that night on, we've talked late at night every night for the past week. Thoughts on what's going on?


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  • she never stoped loving you maybe she saw a good looking guy and just hookek up with her and now she realized that she made a mistake and wants to fix it so maybe you can try and listen to her just be friends and not more than that make her your best friend


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  • Depends on what your talking about, if your giving her relationship advice and always answering her calls than you could just be an emotional support. But if she's getting to know you and seems to be making an effort than id say that maybe she has something for you. But I think its a little too early to tell. give a little while longer, after all she is with her boyfriend still...