Did he lose interest? Can I pick things back up?

About a month ago (early/mid August), I met a guy through a friend. (we're all 23-24 yrs) He was really obviously interested in me, and we went on a couple of dates [he asked] and hung out/played pub trivia several times. We also played a lot of iPhone scrabble and texted. We made out quite a bit during one of our final times hanging out... during this he seemed very sweet, very into it, and said "I like you..." without any prodding.

Unfortunately, we didn't see each other for about 3 weeks after that -- we were out of the city on weekends, and then he started med school and was really busy. Our texting fell off and we didn't have any more dates -- we lost momentum.

Last week, I texted him to invited him to trivia. He didn't respond, and when I got there (decided to go anyways with the friend who introduced us) he was there with his friends and another girl. We joined his table seemed suprised/confused by my presence, but when we talked he seemed as into me as he had been before. He didn't ask to make plans to hang out again, though.

What should I do? Should I ask him out to do something or give it up as a lost cause? I still really like him, and he seemed into me when I saw him in person. But I don't want to come off as desperate, and I'm not sure if the fact that he let things fall off/ hasn't made a move means he's over me.


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  • The ball is in his court. Sounds like he had a fun summer fling with you, but he is back in school and back to his life before he met you. A guy can totally enjoy a random romance but just not be ready for anything beyond that. The fact that he was confused by your presence but pulled it together enough to be nice and appear to be his old self, but then did not make any plans tells me he is done. I definitely would not do anything to try and make the next move. That will come off as desperate and make things very awkward. It is his turn to make a move. However, I would not hold my breathe. Good luck!