Do's and Don'ts of Dating sites...Correct me if I'm wrong.

If your looking for a match on a dating site why put a picture up of you and another female or male?Another don't do not put a picture of you and 50 thousand kids.No woman is going to want a man with a lot of kids.I don't want a man with one child.Because I feel he has already shared something special with another woman that WAS in his life.This is really not a ? I just wanted to express myself.Feel free to say anything you want.


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  • Don't put a picture of you that looks way better than you do in real life. Don't put a picture that shows you when you weighed 30 pounds less or were 10 years younger or just shows your face and leaves out the fact that you are overweight. What is the point of hiding who you are? You have to meet up eventually and at that point you could end up with a pretty irritated person who feels tricked into dating someone that is not their type.


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  • You are young so I get your vibe about kids. About pics with other people I saw lots of women doing that, huge turn off for me too. So I agree with you. Almist all women on dating sites are either broke or overweight or have ten kids. I'm not sure what most guys look like but might be similar?

    • I just go on dating sites to see the kind of people on there.My describe me always say just a test page.But anyways there was this one guy and he had a female and a baby in his picture.To be honest they looked like a happy family.I was like he must just be trying to make "new friends" one thing I would not do is put my children on a dating site with me.There really should be a law about that at least I think so.

    • I agree with you. It's nice to see you have good common sense

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  • Online dating is so stupid and pointless.