If you're on a date with a girl and she offers to help you pay for the date?

and she offers to help you pay for the date, is it really a date? You are still paying for some things but she pays too. So what do you call it?


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  • It's still a date. Some girls just insist on going dutch.


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  • lol if it was arranged as a date, then of course it's still a date. Some women just prefer to contribute and pay for their own things. That doesn't mean it wasn't a date or anything, just that she doesn't want things to be unequal.

    • yea she offered to help so just in case I don't have enough money, which that would be embarrasing if I didn't have enough money

    • LOL, true. But I think she was just being polite :)

    • yea she was

  • of course its still a date, especially if you mentioned it as a date to begin with. I'm one of those girls who just doesn't feel comfortable with the guy paying for everything


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  • If she pays half, it's more like an "eat out" than a date. At least how I see it..

    If it's a date, I wouldn't allow her to pay half or all.

    • no she's not paying half, I'm paying for something and she's paying for something

    • It sounds more like a hang out/eat out in that case. At least how I see it because I'm very traditional when it comes to dating.

  • I prefer it this way. I think its really dumb for a guy to pay for everything. In that case I might of well go get a prostitute.

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