Am I heading for heart break?

Alright so usually I'm pretty good with guys. At least till I start actually liking them- then they all the sudden disappear/seem not as interested. So I've learned to play it cool and not really 'like' them.

The problem is that I hooked up with this one guy, and he's kind of amazing. He meets my check list (which is so rare) and I have a good time with him. I actually met him a year ago and maybe seen each-other twice since then but not really spoken more than 4 words. Through a mutual friend we ended up hanging out and making out one night Since then it's been pretty consistent of him texting me and stuff. We hung out once more, still just making out. Than the 3rd time we hung out we went up to his Family's Ranch (which is freakin amazing). Ended up giving him a bj that night.

What bothers me is that things were pretty natural and relaxed. He also doesn't seem like the type to be a man whore. We've discussed relationships and both made it known that we don't want one. Which I don't. I don't have time for one, and it just seems like it would make my life more difficult then necessarily needed. He agrees. The problem is that I'm starting to REALLY like him. Like think about him when he's not around, talk to my friends about how amazing his eyes are.. ect. I havn't felt this way about a guy in 3 years at least. He's someone I could really love, after having my heart handed to me torn apart. I still have the same stance on the relationship view but these feelings are not for a casual encounters type of thing. The way he looks at me is with so much admiration it makes my knees go like jell-o.

What do I do? Am I heading for heart break?

Figuring out what I want first may take too long and ill be risking my heart here. Should I tell him about my indecisive stance right now? Who knows what may come from that, then he will run away and ill be risking my ego. (dont know which is worse at this point.) Or I should delete his number and never speak to him again (nip it in the butt)

I'm afraid it might be too early to seriously consider a relationship. I just don't know for sure if he's as sweet on me as I am on him. I don't want to start caring about someone and then have my heart broken. From over all experience with him, do you think I should invest my time in this?


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  • You don't want a relationship with him? Are you sure about that? I ask because the words you use to describe your feelings for him make it sound like a relationship with him is exactly what you want. If that's the case, why waste time worrying about what might happen? Life is too short for that; aren't you better off talking to him and making sure you're both on the same page? I'm sure you don't want to waste your time on someone who doesn't feel the same way you do.


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  • If you honestly like him, and likes you, why end this? Fear of heartache leads to being lonliness. I know you two may not be looking for a relationship, and it doesn't have to be one. Why can't you continue to talk to him, hang out with him, and have sexual relations with him without labeling it as a relationship? There's always risks when it comes to love and life in general. Don't be afraid of getting hurt because feeling loved or needed or wanted is worth it.

    • Do it. Sometimes, you must gamble. With great risks comes greater rewards.

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