He stares, smiles, flirts but never was the first to text

Ok you know how guys are suppose to be the first ones to text? Well I did the opposite and decided to text him. He replied of course but the conversation drifted down. Later that same day, he texted me and that conversation lasted for three days. We flirted and he said all these cute stuff but my question is how come if he likes me and always stares/smiles/touches me whenever we see each other face to face, never texted me? so

basically I was the first to text and then he finally decided to text me and start a conversation.

Did he think I wasn't intersted or is it something else that I'm not getting?


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  • I think people put too much focus on who should be the first one to call, text, etc... He might not have texted first for several reasons. What's most important now is that you two are talking and hopefully having a good time!

    • what would be one of the several reasons?

    • busy with school, work, family. could be he was planning to but was nervous. but any reason isn't really worth worrying over. if he texted you back, later texted you first, and now flirts with you, that should be your focus, keep talking to him! maybe now he'll take initiatives more, everything is going fine now

  • who cares? you are both talking you took the initiative GOOD JOB! I wish there were more girls like you, I think it would make things better for everybody. Anyhow don't worry about it, like I said who cares you are both talking now and flirting now THAT'S WHAT IS IMPORTANT! Not silly rules


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