He tried to kiss me, & I walked away. Right Move?

I've had a crush on a friend of mine for a month or two. He's a HUGE flirt, but really sweet & caring toward certain people (me included). He also has a history of being quite the man whore, but he's never cheated on a girl, & all of our mutual friends say he's changed.

So anyways, we both occasionally skip parts of our easy classes together and walk around. We did that yesterday. And after walking a little ways he stops & says "give me a hug" (we're always affectionate) but when I tried to pull away, he tightened his arms (gently.) & moved in to kiss me. I stared at him for a second, & then pulled away from him.

Do you think I made the right move? I like him a lott..I only pulled away because I'm scared to get involved with him..Thoughts?


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  • I think he has a right to know why you did that. You should let him know that you have feelings for him, but have heard some messed up stories about him.


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  • He'll feel really rejected and avoid you from here on out. So no, it wasn't a smart move.

    You should have stopped him and talked about it.

  • There are so many possibilities ...id say either tell him because he's feeling sad now...or just ignore him since the fact that he has been a man hoe


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  • yeah kinda the wrong move. next time you see him, just tell him you were caught off guard. if you don't break the ice soon, your friendship might be kind of awkward.

  • The fact that he tried to kiss you without being in a relationship is a red flag in itself. Right move.

    • What horse sh*t. You're not even in a relationship unless you at least kissed kissed.

    • While we're at it, let's wear a chastity belt until we're all married fifty year olds...