What was your first "experience" with a guy/girl?

I'm not talking about only sex, but making out/dates/cuddling... etc. that sort of stuff.

if I get 10 guys and 10 girls to answer this question, I'll post my first experience(s).


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  • It was my birthday. My then boyfriend and I had been together about a year. He decided to seduce me as a special birthday present. At first, I was hesitant, since I was raised to save myself for marriage, but he was kind, persistent, sweet, romantic, gentle, and respectful of my feelings.

    Eventually I couldn't resist anymore. I was sacred, nervous, uncomfortable, but exhilarated, happy, excited, and curious. I started to say no and it came out OK. I was surprised, but I knew it was time. I was ready, due to his persistence. I actually found myself looking forward to it.

    I sent him out of the room and stripped my way up the stairs. I left a boot at the foot of the stairs, another a couple of steps up, my dress a couple of steps above that, my pantyhose above those, my bra at the top of the stairs, and my panties on the doorknob of his bedroom.

    He found me completely naked on the bed, wrapped in a sheet. He quickly stripped down to his undies, which I removed shortly. We had some foreplay, then gave each other oral for a while, then he went inside and we had sex for about an hour. He was very good! It was passionate and romantic, about as good as a girl's first time can be.

    • That's really romantic! :)

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  • Oh man, OK, I was 13, and there was this girl in my naighborhood that I really liked. So, it was cold outside and she was at the park, and we started talking. I saw that she was cold so I gave her my sweater. and she cuddled up to me on top of the double slide. And

    I got my first kiss that day.

    • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe :D

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    • Agreed with romance thing - I wish more guys were romantic - it's all about sex now :(

    • Yeah, and becuase girls have such bad experiances with jerks, it kinda ruins it for the good guys. But that's life I guess

  • It was all just a few months ago, at 23. First real "date" we went out to eat and then to a bar with her friends for her birthday. Prior to this date she had been texting me she wanted a kiss whenever she saw me. So when I was going to drop her off we made out for what seemed like a long time. I know I wasn't good but she was into it.

    Then a few weeks later I went to a little get together at her house with some of her friends. After they all left she went upstairs. Me being a totally scared virgin stayed downstairs feeling awkward. She was getting ready for bed or whatever and finally texted me what I was doing? and to come upstairs.

    So I did and I finally fingered a girl, had sex, and cuddled.

    Too bad she pretty much just wanted to take my virginity and I am feeling awful about it now.

    • Wow, I didn't know girls like that exist :/

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    • She's not worth your time, trust me.

    • You're right. I just don't know how to get another girl. I will remember her forever.

  • Haven't had one.


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  • My first date was with a guy in sixth grade. And his mom. Nothing happened after that.

    My first cuddling experience was with my best friends cousin watching Quarantine. Then me, my friend, the cousin and my friends date all started wrestling in the dark and her cousin kept getting me into a missionary position and didn't get up until the lights came on. That was the summer before I went into eighth grade and I was just a couple days away from turning 13.

    The first time I got legitly felt up was on 10/17 (yes, I remember the date for some weird reason) eighth grade by a ginger. He also felt up three of my best friends that night. We were all friends with benefits with him for about a year until none of us were friends anymore.

    My first make out session was ninth grade. I was 14 and I was staying the night at his house and my mom thought that I was at another friend's house and his mom didn't care. That was also my first dry humping experience and about twelve hours before was the first time I had smoked pot. The dry humping freaked me out at first but then it started to feel good. We rolled around without disconnecting our lips for about five hours believe it or not. I got two hickies that night, he got one. I had never had a hickey before.

    I gave my first hand job a week later to the same guy.

    Gave my first blow job a week after the hand job to the same guy. It was also the first time I got fingered.

    The first time I had sex was ten days before I turned 15 and the night after the last day of ninth grade, still with the same guy as my first make out session. (I forgot to mention he was also my first kiss) We ended up going for round two that night. And because it was a night to experiment, it was the first time I received oral. And the first time I tried 69. I thought it was disgusting and still do.

    The third time I had sex was three days before I turned 15 (I just realized it was the anniversary of the first time I had cuddled with a guy) and the condom broke for the first time. It was also the first time I cried in front of a guy I liked and the first time I had seen a guy I like cry in front of me. My first pregnancy scare came a few weeks later and ended on the third of July when I finally got my period. Sadly it was about an hour after I had bought my first pregnancy test.

    Sorry that was probably a few more firsts than you wanted. But from my first kiss/make out session to the last one was all with the same guy, the same guy I'm with now. I'm still proud of that.

    • I forgot to mention that he is the first relationship I've had. And he wasn't my first kiss! I just remembered in kindergarden my best friends Chloe and Michael and I were playing snow white in the ball pit at McDonalds and he was Prince Charming, I was Snow white and Chloe was the evil stepmother and he gave me my first kiss. Magically cute right?

    • That's really cute! (even though I wouldn't consider a kiss when I was 5 my first kiss)

    • Hey, I was four and it was magical ;P

      That was my first first kiss. My first kiss I truly consider was my first kiss was with my current boyfriend.

  • First experience - last week - most random unromantic way :\

    Was at a party, talking to this cool guy, before my brain could process wtf happened, he had his tongue down my throat, hands all under my shirt, trying to take my clothes off - I pushed him off of me and wanted to slap the testosterone out of him, but I just walked away.

    Now it's extremely awkward when I see him around campus - and the f***er didn't even apologize for violating my personal space like that >:(


    I wish it could've been some nice cuddly scene with a sweet little kiss - to bad that sh*t only happens in movies.

    • LMAOOOOOOO "slap the testosterone out of him" hahaha

    • LOL damn right -

    • i hate guys like that so much... let's go slap the testosterone out of all of them.

      i've had a similar experience. NOT FUN.

  • I friend who was older than me gave me my first kiss (with and without tongue). I\He was also the first person to fill me up. So I guess those fall under making out. I really should thank him, he is the reason I am a good kisser.

  • A couple of kisses when I was five or six, but that doesn't count.

    • i never got kissed when I was 5 or 6.. ha ha I think I had cooties then.

    • I never believed in cooties anyway :D

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