Do you treat trying to date a girl with extreme emotional issues differently than a normal girl?

So lets say you meet a girl who cuts, or is anorexic, or is alcoholic or suicidal. I realize this may p*ss people off, but emotionally stressed girls need sex to.


But really, I imagine that telling them they are pretty, or just rubbing their ego that might work for another girl does not work here. I imagine many different types of flirting would not work with an emotionally distressed girl. I do not want to give specifics, just to learn if anybody has any experience either being emotionally distressed or have a girlfriend that used to be like this.

So can anybody give me any insight as to how to approach a girl like this?

p.s. I do not want to get with the girl just to hook up with her, my comment above is a joke! I am actually interested in this girl.



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  • Well I know a few girls who are quite emotionally unstable and they all differ, some take flirting but in a kinda 'nod and quick smile' sorta way but it still works on them :P Others will just refuse everything you say and keep to them self :/

    If you can, Just talk to her as a friend, be friendly with maybe a subtle hint of flirting every now and then and if she starts to show interest go for it! :)

    Just never be too forward, My friends like that HATE it, With a passion.

    Hope I helped :)


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  • You have to always have their level of comfort in the back of your mind. You also have to be patient. Many of them will not open up very easy because discussing certain issues brings up bad memories.

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