21 and never had a kiss, girls will it bother you?

am not counting truth and dare and spin the bottle because that's kids stuff. Am an above average looking guy, social, funny, and just great with people. I have had plenty of opportunities to do even more than just kiss, but I was never interested. Not saying that I never had a sex drive until now because that's definitely false lol, but I've just never been interested in having a relationship until now (yes I know you don't have to be in a relationship to kiss, but am just not that type of guy). So I just want to know if you would find this weird? please no bs answers, just the truth.


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  • Well I'm sure it would make me less nervous to date a guy like you so that's good, but I'd really like a guy who really knows what he's doing.

    • so lets say you go on a date with me and we kiss and it's a horrible kiss, then I tell you it was my first time that's why it sucked, what would your reaction be? Also would like to know if it was my first kiss or not? I sound like a 15 year old girl haha

    • lol Well actually I've never kissed anyone either so I wouldn't judge you so much. You could just as easily think the kiss was bad because of me.

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  • Not at all.

  • not a big deal. but don't tell her beforehand. she won't be able to tell the difference


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