How many seniors out there have ever liked/dated a freshman?

Okay, so I'm a freshman girl and I recently got a leading role in my school's play. The leadin guy, and my character's love interest, is played by a senior boy. Ever since I found out, I can't stop thinking about him. I'm starting to like him. So I was curious, if you are a senior or were one, did you ever crush on a freshman? Did you ever date a freshman? Freshmen, did you ever crush on or date a senior? What are your thoughs on freshman/senior relationships? Thanks.


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  • I know some people who did when I was in high school. It's tough for the girls though because the older girls tend to have the more developed, womanly bodies that the guys are crazy about. The girl with the best boobs in school (and EVERY guy knows who she is) is usually a senior or a junior.

    Good news for you is that once you get to college the freshmen girls tend to have the advantage. Good luck!


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