Is dating just glorified prostitution?

I was just wondering, because when I take a look around the site, a lot of them seem to count it as a "deal breaker" if the guy doesn't pay for her. It doesn't seem to matter who asks. At worse, if has to she pay for herself (nevermind returning the favor by covering both), "it's over" seems to be a pretty strong concensus. I often hear that when a girl "offers" to pay for own meal, she isn't really offering; but being polite.

So, is it safe to say they are more concerned with having money spent on them rather than the guy himself? Do they really feel entitled to not only be chased, but feel entitled to spend another person's money as well?

In a sense, isn't the guy paying her for her time? Wouldn't that make escort services a better bet, since the guy gets the hottest women hassle free? He gets all the benefits of a woman without any of the childish games, right?

I know that about a million people are going to rush in and say how they are diffent, so I'm just going to say that I'm talking about general/typical American dating.

Please, no immature/emotional/hate comments. This is a serious question.

I think you guys might be missing one of my other questions.

Do you all think escorts would be better than the average girl?

Paying for the dates has no guarantees with the average woman. But, with escorts, the guy is 100% guaranteed to get the most important benefits of the best looking women, and it's hassle free.

What do you guys think? Kind of makes you re-think the dynamics of dating.


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  • Not necessarily. Interesting insight for sure. Something I hadn't really considered but no..I mean not all girls want guys to always pay for them. When I am dating a guy, we will take turns. Actually I was paying a lot at the beginning of this relationship then he had gotten more money so then he was to return the favor. So I like it to be even because I do not think it is fair for just the guy to have to pay for everything. He has his own stuff to pay for too, so why break the bank?

    • wow... a girl who thinks about others... where the f*ck are y'all hiding, lol

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    • Oh I exist entirely..Well I think, but now that ya say it..I just don't know! Umm yeah, I don't know how guys can put up with that either, it should be totally equal I think.

    • Why thank you :)

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  • First off. nice question. I thought about this too a lot.

    Secondly, no I don't think so. Just because a guy pays for a girl doesn't mean he is getting sex. Also, if I offer to pay for guy I mean I am paying.

    • that's just it. even if he does pay, he isn't guaranteed. so, would you say that escorts are "better" than "real" women.

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    • lol you'd have to be really smart, because you'd have read someone's mind to know if the feeling really IS mutual... otherwise, there wouldn't be all these dating forums, but yeah...

    • One shouldn't focus on other people. I think that is where they go wrong. One should just focus on themselves.

  • no. when I offer to pay, I mean it. actually, I insist. dating is not glorified prostitution. just because a guy pays for a meal does NOT mean he will get laid.


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  • If it seems like the women you are meeting are only interested in your money, then that means you are with the wrong woman. Any woman worth having isn't going to require the man pay, just because he is the male.

    • it means you avoid the questions and ASSume things

    • I thought I made myself clear. Dating is not 'Glorified Prostitution'. You really have to work at finding women that shallow. Most women appreciate when a guy picks up the tab, but do not feel it is a deal breaker.

    • you have to "work" @ finding one that shallow? lol no. you have to work at finding one who's NOT that entitled. and it's not the one's I'm meeting. again, let's acknowledge the entire question "I know that about a million people are going to rush in and say how they are different, so I'm just going to say that I'm talking about general/typical American dating."; so, let's not ASSume things about someone when they ask a general question. I'm just talking about "traditional" gender roles really.

  • You don't pay escorts for sex. You pay them to leave after sex, with no awkwardness, no conversations, no phone calls.

    You don't even have to drive them home.

    If your only interested in sex, escorts are a much better option.

    We date girls as potential partners, possible girlfriend , wife etc.

    • you don't pay them for sex, just to leave after sex? wtf?

    • doesn't even make sense. so if you don't pay them at all... then, they just stay after sex with that logic

    • lets say you meet a girl. You spend a couple hundred and several hours and eventually you have sex. Then you wake up with a girl in your house, she wants to talk. Even after she leaves, she's calling you. She wants to know what your doing, wants to go out again. Or sex with call girl. 1. You call 2. She comes over 3. Sex 4. She leaves. No conversations, no phone calls, no excuses why she has to leave, no explination why your busy this weekend.

      You pay for convience.

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