How do you know if your fling will develop into a girlfriend boyfriend relationship?

I have been seeing a guy who is much younger than myself. He usually comes to my house and we talk and then play around no sex. The second time he came over he went about a month without calling. I thought our little fling was over, but here lately he has called closer together. We have not really had sex. we tried the other night but because he takes a certain medicine he could not stay hard, but then I gave him a BJ and he came, What is up with that. He parties but I know his religion is important too. He is in college and works. How long does it take for guys to call you back? If I e him he doesn't reply but then he will call a day or two later. I guess I just want to know if he is going to disappear on me one day, because I am getting attached.


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  • It's not going to develop. He's coming over for booty calls - even if not much happens. If he's not calling you in between then he's not looking for anything more. If he was interested in having a relationship he'd be calling, asking you out, taking you out. Cut him lose before you get any more attached, unless you like being the girl he calls every few months when he needs a BJ.