Dating an older guy. What should I do about my situation?

I am seeing a senior in high school and he is three years older than me. For the most part, we get along and we talk about a lot of things and we are just a good match. The problem is my mom doesn't approve of me seeing a guy older than myself, but my dad does. My mom refuses to give this guy a chance, but my dad likes him a lot and wants me to continue dating him. What should I do? (My parents are divorced)


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  • In general, fathers have much harder time accepting the daughter's boyfriend than mothers (with son's girlfriend it's generally the other way). So if your father likes him, he must be a good guy. I'd say keep seeing him.

    Are your parents on bad terms? You might ask your father to convince your mother if they aren't.


    • My parents won't even speak to each other. If I am going to my dad's and my parents are meeting up somewhere to trade off, my mom will have me call my dad and relay messages back and forth. But thanks for the advice. :)

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    • We have been dating for two months in a week. My mom only learned about him last month though because I wanted to do something with him on a weekend when I was with her. No, I didn't keep it from her before you ask. I choose not to tell my parents about things that don't go on at each others house.

    • Okay. So like I said, give it some time. She might turn around.

      What could also work is getting him over for dinner. Let him show your mother you're in good hands.

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  • Do you think he's just being nice and talking to you because you talk to him, or do you think he likes you that way? When I was a senior I was looking forward to dating college girls when I graduate, I wasn't looking at freshmen/sophmore. That's jail bait right there.

    It depends who you live with. If you live with your dad, then hell yeah. If you live with your mom, then you shouldn't bother about him.

    • No, we go on dates every weekend. I mean am being completely serious in the literal sense that I am dating, seeing him, whatever you want to call it. We are a couple.

      I see my parents equal time. One month I am at my moms, next at my dads, and every other weekend I trade houses.

    • That's actually one of the best settlements (if that's the right word here?) I've ever heard.

    • oh, well you should find out who claims to be your legal gardian. Because your mom can send him to jail if things between you and he "heat up", ya know?

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