Do you know girls like this? Constantly dating a new guy then dumps him?

i dated a girl like this. she dates a guy for maybe a couple of months, dumps them then finds a new one and repeats the cycle again. she always makes sure to dump them before he dumps her.

when I dated her though I pretty much dumped her. well, "officially" she dumped me but really it was because I didn't show much interest: I wouldn't return her texts quick enough, I would bail hanging with her to go out drinking, I would only hang out with her late night, etc. when we finally stopped dating I didn't care that much, there were other girls I was interested in..although I did keep lurking her Facebook just to see what she was up to.

i must admit though I recently tried talking to her and she told me not to speak to her. our mutual friends says she doesn't care at all anymore and she is over me. it kind of sucked to hear that.

either way, back to what I was saying...she is always dating guys then dumping them, almost making sure she is in control. why the hell are some girls like this? what is she trying to do? does she really think she will get a legit boyfriend like this? the problem is her


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  • Yes I know some girls like this.They have ego problem and change partner oftenly when they get bored with the guys.They don't want to get dumped because they feel they are so much better than anyone else.I repeat,its 'SOME' girls,not all so girls here don't feel bad reading this answer,unless if you are one of them.

    • yeah it seems like with most of the guys she just got bored with them. after me and her broke up though she would still come by and hang out with our friends and say stuff trying to bring up our relationship. she definitely has some kind of grudge against guys and likes to feel in control of the relationship so I didn't give her that. she was crazy lol

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    • Probably she is taking revenge on all other guys because her ex had dumped her ? That way she feels that she is taking revenge.

    • Yes some girls involve their all guys just because of few past that they been through.

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  • *raises hand reluctantly* but I don't end it before they contemplate dumping me, I dump them because I no longer like them. It's not a control thing.

  • I have known a few girls like this. They never have a long term serious relationship but put their all in to every relationship only to end it not long after. It could be a power issue or a very indecisive girl who doesn't want to get hurt...


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