Any first date conversation ideas?

It's been a long time since I've been on a first date because I was with my ex so long. I think I've forgotten how to act on a first date. lol. Any ideas on good conversation topics? Things to avoid? Flirting tips?


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  • Good conversation topics

    Things like family, hobbies, jobs, where they have lived. Although be careful when asking about parents, don't want to touch a nerve. Also, don't just say "what are your hobbies?" people hate that question because they feel like their answers are so boring compared to the unrealistic expectations society puts on us. Instead say things like "what would you do if the weather was going to be perfect all day long, and you had nothing else to do all day?" or "what do you like to do when you are stuck inside on a rainy day?"

    Things to avoid

    Religion, politics, any serious complaining (you want to appear to be a happy person) any off-color jokes, anything overly sexual, and of course, exes

    Flirting tips

    If you like him, help him break the touch barrier, maybe find an excuse to show him a ring or watch. Or you can find times during conversation where you can touch his arm or hand naturally. For example, after he finishes a little story, you could say "oh my gosh, that reminds me of this one time..." and while you do it gently place your hand on one of his forearms, is if you REALLY want him to hear your story, don't let it linger too long, just a second or two, then pull it off and do something else with your hand, like grab your drink, gesture, tuck your hair behind your ear, that may it doesn't seem like you are pulling your hand back just to avoid him. Odds are he will subconsciously lean forward or move his arm forward because he wants you to touch him again. Breaking the touch barrier is a VERY important part of establishing rapport with another person.

    Smiling is also very important, or course, and don't even look at the menu, (assuming it's a dinner date) until HE starts to, or the server comes to get your food order. If you make it seem like you are far more interested in talking to him, than picking out your meal, he will be that much more interested in you.

    • Great advice, thanks! I hope it goes well. I'm a bit rusty. :) I can't exactly avoid religion though, so hopefully that won't be such a big deal.

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