Advice badly needed.....what to do now?!! confused much

I was seeing this guy for a few months now we decided to do the whole friends with benefit thing because of how detach and unemotional he was ...We argue a lot but the sex is great

Recently something unexpected happen and that scared me ...

Out of fright I started to tell him some crap which I really never meant(We argued) then after awhile I even told him I never want to be with him again ...And now I regret it and really want him back but don't know how to go about it and I start to have feelings for him ,I really like this guy and I want more than just friends with benefits

After the argument he stop texting and calling before I told him I actually want to stop being with him ...I try to get him to tell him wats up but he doesn't answer at all ...yesterday I tried again and he finally picks up the only thing he said was, he is fine ... I then ask him why he stop contacting me and he was like no reason...and before I could say another word he was like he was sleeping and I wake him up so...and yes he sounded like he just woke up ...Wat to do should I forget him or give him time?! yall please me nice,honest and straight forward


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  • Give him time. But if you want something more than friends with benefits or just friendship, I'm afraid you're with the wrong guy, he made it clear he doesn't wanna be involved with someone and I think he hasn't changed his mind about that.

    Just give him time and maybe he'll contact you. If he doesn't, just text or call him once more and you'll see...But don't run after him like a dog or something..


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  • If your friends with benefits he'll come around because he has a intereset in u, the sex! About that you want more, I don't know really what to say the only way is if he starts to develop feelings for You. But always remember to guyes sex is only sex.

  • Are you "having feelings" or just miss his presence? Be careful because you could misinterpret those things. If you argue all the time you might not need that person in your life no matter how much you like that person. You need to ask him to meet you to talk face-to-face to express yourself better. Do not do it via phone/text. If he doesn't budge during this then move on. Friends with benefits is never good.